3 valuable self-defense strategies for women in the wilderness

A guide to staying safe on the trails


Let’s face it, although Chattanooga is a beautiful place full of incredible things to do and see, there is no wall around it keeping the wrong people out of our hiking and biking trails. And many of us often go hiking and biking alone. 99% of the time this comes with no issues. However, are you ready if the day comes that there is danger lurking on the trails? One in four women will experience a violent attack sometime in their life. Here are 3 valuable self-defense strategies for women in the wilderness.


Perhaps the absolute best piece of advice for keeping yourself safe is to practice situational awareness. Make a habit of noticing everything around you everywhere you go. Did a group of men just start up the trail ahead of you? Was there anything that made you uncomfortable about them? What cars are parked at the trailhead alongside yours? Does anything stand out as unnatural? Asking yourself simple questions about your surroundings is a great way to get feedback from your instincts and identify potential threats before they can get close.

Don’t be afraid to take pictures of things that stand out as odd. Never hike or bike with headphones in, as this negatively impacts your ability to perceive what’s going on around you with ALL of your senses. Always look up and forward down the trail you are hiking or biking, noticing what is ahead of you well in advance in case there is something you need to avoid.

Don’t forget to pay attention to what is going on behind you, listening for footsteps or odd sounds. And it goes without saying that you should always let someone know where you are going, when you will be back, and when to become concerned. 



 One of the best ways to protect yourself is to do away with the idea that you are being rude or paranoid when you get a bad feeling about a situation or person. Put aside this feeling of discomfort and always trust your instincts instead. Did that hiker who went up the trail just ahead of you make you uncomfortable for reasons you can’t quite pin down? Don’t be afraid to get in the car and drive away, saving the hike or ride for another day.

Does that man walking toward you up trail seem dangerous or out of place? You can always turn back and head in the other direction. Or at a minimum, keep your head up, make eye contact, and ready yourself for any potential threat.

This sounds like a small thing, but often it isn’t. Your subconscious instincts are generally very good, and failing to trust them can lead you into dangerous situations.



Let’s be honest, you knew we were going to throw this one in! But in all seriousness, if an attack happens and you’re alone, are you truly prepared to defend your life? Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu doesn’t rely on physical strength or brute force for success. Instead, it depends on using leverage, timing, position, and strategy to OVERCOME a deficit in size and strength. This makes it the perfect martial art for women who want to protect themselves from larger men. Women like you!

There is no get-safe-quick magic pill, in jiu-jitsu or anywhere else. You will need to make the time to consistently practice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to see real benefits. This means practicing it against live resistance and doing so consistently for months or years in order to build the instincts, agility, timing, and technique needed to protect yourself if danger ever finds its way into your life. Fortunately, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu comes with a host of other benefits, including fitness and community!

By learning to enjoy the process of training and making it a part of your lifestyle, you can take responsibility for your personal safety. Learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is perhaps the most powerful of our 3 valuable self-defense strategies for women in the wilderness.

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