5 reasons jiu-jitsu is like a superpower for kids

Getting your child started in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is one of the best decisions you will ever make.  Most parents want to see their children succeed as they grow. With each passing year, children are exposed to more complex social situations, increased workload in school, and a need to increase their personal responsibility if they want to succeed.

Enrolling them in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu will give them an incredible edge as they begin to face adversity.

Here are 5 reasons jiu-jitsu is like a superpower for kids!


On the jiu-jitsu mats, kids are exposed to an ever-expanding set of complex techniques, as well as live training situations where they will need to use those techniques effectively if they want to succeed. This requires them to tune in, focus on the small details, and take responsibility for their personal growth.

Over time, they learn to apply these newfound skills to every aspect of their lives, policing their own thoughts, setting goals, and pushing themselves to give their best at every turn. This focus will have them achieving incredible things with very little prompting or prodding by adults. Which is exactly what they will need to do when they become adults.

Jiu-jitsu will prepare the child for the road, rather than the road for the child. Armed with this sense of self-discipline, they will accomplish anything they put their minds to!



Bullies exist, that’s an unfortunate reality kids must face as they grow and develop. And if a bully targets your child, you may feel helpless to intervene and powerless to make the behavior stop. Jiu-jitsu will arm your child with the most effective self-defense system known to man, teaching them to solve problems with words first. But if diplomacy fails they will be able to get control of their attacker and place them into positions where they cannot do harm.

The best part is they will learn to do this without resorting to punches or kicks! This helps the adults tasked with caring for them to see that they did their best to minimize damage in the conflict, and can have an effect on potential consequences if they’re forced to fight. No child should have to fight, and verbal jiu-jitsu will likely keep them from ever having to put their skills to use. But they will always be armed with the confidence that they know what to do if a violent encounter arises. No one will be able to push them around.



Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” So many of the outcomes a child achieves depend on their ability to believe in themselves as capable and deserving. Jiu-jitsu will put them into controlled stressful encounters where they will learn more about what they are capable of than they could in almost any other activity.

Over time they will learn to believe in themselves, to keep a positive mindset, and to overcome obstacles as a matter of habit. This self-confidence will expand their social life, increase their grades, improve their self-image, and develop their capacity to overcome negative roadblocks. Armed with this self-confidence, there is no limit to what they can achieve!



One of the more interesting physical aspects of training jiu-jitsu is the way it can make your child better at every other physical activity they currently do. Jiu-jitsu develops extreme coordination, balance, agility, and spatial awareness. As they advance through the ranks your child will, simply put, become a better athlete in every way. They can then apply this increased athleticism to other sports and physical goals, getting better results than ever before thanks to their training!



Jiu-jitsu, at least in our program, comes with a set of core values. Ours are integrity, compassion, perseverance, empathy, and excellence. As your child works to meet these core values on the mats they will quickly begin to display them off the mats too. They will become more resilient to stress, kinder to those around them, willing to stand up for what is right, and eager to push themselves to do, say, and be their best.

They will become the sheepdogs of their community, protecting those who cannot protect themselves, and empowering the people around them to achieve their goals. They will learn to do what they say and only say what they mean. These core values will guide them into becoming incredible adults achieving amazing things for the world, and for themselves.

There are literally dozens of other benefits and reasons to enroll your child in jiu-jitsu classes. Far too many to list in one article. If you live in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area and want to see your child thrive through training, use the form below to get in touch with us!