I found a jiu-jitsu academy near me: Now what?

Getting started in jiu-jitsu can be daunting. Here are some first steps to get you started training and keep you training!

Congratulations, you’ve taken the preliminary step. You’ve done your online research and found a jiu-jitsu academy nearby that looks and feels like it could be a good fit. So now what? The next step, as you’re probably starting to figure out, feels like the hardest. That is, booking a free consultation or trial, and actually stepping into the academy to meet the instructors and get started training.

Here’s the thing: this step doesn’t need to be the hardest step at all. In fact, with some perspective, it can be incredibly easy. Here’s something very valuable to keep in mind. Every advanced student, and every black belt, had a first day of training. For me personally, after I found a jiu-jitsu academy near me, I spent a couple of days mulling it over, afraid to make contact and set up a time to try it out. But guess what? When I got there I discovered that they were happy to see me, and glad that I’d taken the step of actually coming in to see what they offered. I developed a good rapport with the instructor, and that rapport made me feel comfortable in those early days of training. Honestly, my biggest regret was simply that I didn’t take that step sooner. Now, 16 years later, I get to be on the other side of this dynamic, as the person welcoming new students into my own academy.

And while I can’t speak for every academy, I can tell you that at Lógica Jiu-Jitsu, we go out of our way to make our brand-new students feel welcome, seen, and supported. Training jiu-jitsu will certainly be one of the most difficult and rewarding activities you ever take on– that’s what makes it so great! Through the struggle, you’ll develop more self-confidence, fitness, self-reliance, and self-respect. You’ll develop friendships that last a lifetime, and a community on your same mission to share the ups and downs of training with. Most of all, you’ll leave the academy smiling every session, thankful for the time you got to spend on the mats developing yourself. 

How do I find a jiu-jitsu academy near me?

If you haven’t already navigated this step, it’s fairly easy. Just hit the search engine and search for jiu-jitsu academies in your area. Take some time to look through their reviews, and pay attention to the language they use on their site. Check the instructor’s qualifications, and try to check and see if the facility is clean and well-kept. Pay particular attention to any negative reviews as they may contain valuable feedback or warning signs, but don’t let them drown out the positive reviews, either.

From there, schedule a time to come in and check out the facility in person, as well as meet an instructor. Take the time to develop some rapport with that instructor, it will make you more comfortable when you jump into a class. Ask lots of questions, and keep in mind no question is too obvious or too small. If someone makes you feel silly for asking a question, that could be a warning sign. After all, you’re new to this, and you don’t know what you don’t know. Treat the visit as an opportunity to learn and get comfortable with the academy environment. Then, book a trial and get on the mats to see for yourself what classes are like. After a few classes, you’ll have a better idea of if the academy is the right fit for you or not. 

A friendly, professional jiu-jitsu academy in Chattanooga, Tennessee

If you’re in the Chattanooga, TN area, come check out Lógica Jiu-Jitsu. We specialize in beginner students and we guarantee you’ll feel comfortable and welcome from the first moment you step into our modern, clean facility. We’ll take the time to help you get started training the right way, with no confusion, no embarrassment, and no intimidation. It’s our goal to help you get on the lifelong path of training jiu-jitsu. Come see what makes us unique!