CHoosing the best martial arts in Chattanooga, TN

Why we think BJJ is the perfect martial art for you.

Why train martial arts?

The benefits of martial arts training can vary from style to style, but there are a few central benefits they can have in common. Martial Arts training should provide excellent fitness, as well as instill a sense of self-discipline. 

The best martial arts provide a sense of community and a support network for when life gets hard. The relationships you can make with training partners are life-changing. 

Martial arts should also provide a realistic sense of self-defense.  And that begins with building value in yourself and engaging with the idea that you are worth defending. Many people struggle with self-confidence and fail to see their self-worth, the best martial arts schools instill this self-confidence and help students belive in themselves.

The best martial arts in Chattanooga TN


The first thing to consider when selecting the best martial art is practicality. Does that martial art require you to be able to punch and kick a much larger person in a way that will incapacitate that person? If so, do you truly feel this is a realistic outcome? For most martial arts, the only strategy they will provide to you is to kick and or punch your opponent until they either stop moving or move away from you. Not only is this extremely brutal, but it is often ineffective against a larger and stronger opponent who kicks and punches much harder than you do, or may simply wrap you up and take you to the ground.

Furthermore, if the martial art you choose does not focus on live, resistance-based training, they are building skills for a world that does not exist. Pads don’t hit back, and opponents do not lay still for you to perform submission holds on them. Live training, and extensive practice in that realm, is the only true way to develop realistic martial arts skills. Everything else is fluff, whether katas or static drilling of techniques.


Culture and fun

Live training should be fun, active, and playful. Finding the best martial arts means finding a culture and program that you fit into. You should look forward to going to training, and training should feel like practicing with your friends to make each other better. 

Your training should l;ead to skill acquisition over time, and in a cumulative way that it can be applied readily in a live, real scenario. At the same time, it should always be fun! If you’re not having fun, you won’t stay around long term. 

And a big part of culture is also whether your gym focuses on belt promotions or skill acquisition. Many, many martial arts schools are just belt factories, pushing you to pursue a belt even if achieving that belt is not the result of any significant skill development. In martial arts you either can or you cannot, a belt makes little to no difference in that dichotomy. Choose an academy whose chief focus is skill acquisition, so that you can actually improve at your martial art. 


The best Martial arts in Chattanooga TN

At Logica Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, we will help you develop real, useable grappling skills that will keep you safe in a violent encounter. We’ll also get you in amazing shape. Our training is focused on live, constraint-based games, where you will learn every skill against resistance. With our program, you will truly be able to apply your knowledge when it matters.

You will learn how to use the leverage of your body to control, submit, and avoid being controlled by another human being. You’ll learn to use strangleholds and joint locks to incapacitate your opponent while choosing the level of violence that is necessary to do so. Jiu-Jitsu gives you a choice, that is what sets it apart from other martial arts. Rather than bludgeoning your opponent until they stop moving, you can simply put them to sleep, and they will wake up unharmed.

We practice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in a way that is safe, and effective, gets you in excellent shape, and develops your mind and character. We will help you become the best version of yourself and achieve your dreams and aspirations!


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